AC Plastiques USA LLC can solve your corrosion problems in the following fields of applications:

  • Chemical: Chlor Alkali
  • Chemical: Chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorate
  • Electro-metallurgical: Zinc, magnesium electroplating
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Drug
  • Electronic
  • Pulp & Paper

We fabricate, install and manufacture vessels and piping systems for various applications from full vacuum services to 150 psig design pressure and from ambient to 350 degree F design temperatures. Our products are mainly used in acids, alkali, water, oxidizer, halogen, hydrocarbons and solvent environments.

Piping Products

  • Dual Laminate FRP/PP, CPVC, PVC, FEP, ECTFE, PVDF
  • FRP pipe and Fittings
  • Teflon Lined Steel Pipe and Fittings
  • Phenolic and Furan
  • Exabond® Dual Laminate Piping Systems

FRP Items

  • Tanks
  • Corrugated Siding and Roofing
  • Grating
  • Piping and Fittings
  • Field Services
  • Dual Laminated Items
  • Doors
  • Structural Shapes


  • FRP Tanks
  • Dual Laminate
  • Polypro
  • Polyethylene
  • Phenolic Resin
  • Furan Resin


  • PVC
  • CPVC
  • Lined Steel
  • FRP

Specialty Products

  • Pipe repair Kits
  • FRP Doors and Windows
  • Custom Shop and Field Fabrication
  • Dip Pipes

Field Service Work

  • Services for Scheduled Plant Outages / Turnarounds
  • Tank linings
  • Emergency Repairs – Turn-Key Installation Projects
  • General Preventive Maintenance
  • And much more

Small Diameter Piping:

  • AC Plastiques USA LLC has developed EXABOND a unique embedding technology specifically adapted to small diameter (1" to 12" diameter) dual laminate piping systems.
  • Our technology assures consistent bonding properties that meet or exceed the industry standards throughout the customer's piping system.
  • Please contact us to assist you with any of your special liner needs.

Large Diameter Piping:

  • The large diameter (above 12") piping systems product line is available with C-veil, Nexus veil, ECTFE-veil, PVC, CPVC, PP, PE, PVDF, ECTFE, ETFE, MFA, FEP, and PFA liner materials. We offer consulting services to discover the limit design conditions applicable.
  • Pipe fabrication processes such as contact molding and filament winding are used during the FRP portion of fabrication. Thermoset resins used as part of the laminate are vinylester or polyester grade. Thermoplastic welding is performed as per DVS 2207, section 3-Hot Gas Rod Welding Standard and DVS 2207, section 1, 2, 11, 15-Heat Plate Butt Welding.

Plasticon Manufacturing Facilities are registered ISO 9001 - a quality system conformed to the requirements of custom-made industrial thermoplastics and fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) products.